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Honesty, transparency, best quality, superior innovation, fair pricing are the core competencies of Belogin Technologies Ltd. We listen to the valuable clients, understand their demand and provide best solutions that fit to them. We value all the customers and our customers are the reflection of our promising words.

Visit Belogin Technologies Ltd. and enjoy our services and be proud to tell others!

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Own Service

Pension Management Software

The software reduces dependency on hard papers, saves important time and creates accuracy in keeping records. Defense Pension Management System is such exclusive system of its kind which can create benefits for all the pillars holding the same line. The said system engages different branches, zonal offices and monitoring cell of state-owned concerned banks and Finance Controller's Office of army, navy and air force in a consequential manner.

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Digital Unit of Quality Control Software

Digital Unit of Quality Control Software-DUQCS is a Pharmaceutical Environmental & Water Monitoring & Data Handling Software. it just requires 'Log Entry'. Report and Periodic trend analysis will be generated automatically. It also facilitates to take Print of Log data (For Binding log book) as per required interval. DUQCS will help to save 90% man hour (approx.) It will facilitate any Pharmaceutical and food processing company from many points, especially saving time and creating accuracy.

View Details View All Service is an online platform to buy and book what people actually need. It must ensure some basic features of an online market like selling the original product, deliver on time possibly within 12 hours, easy refund policy, superior customer service etc. Other than that sets Pointing System. TK 100 equal to 1 point. On every 100 points, people will get a smart gift voucher for free.

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Namtaa-Inventory Software

Product purchase, sales, and stocks are important in any business. Inventory software is developed in such a manner so that any company finds it easy to use. The said software starts from product purchase to get the stock alert, from sales to revenue report. Updated technology is used to develop the software. The software is dynamic in nature. Any user or company can set the software as per their needs by following basic guidelines of the application.

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Namtaa-Accounting Software

Namtaa is a web-based accounting software. It facilitates more to maintain the project-based accounting of an organization. It has the following features: Manage Company Details, Manage Project Details, Organize Accounting Report, Manage Client Details, Manage Supplier Details, Employee Management, Add and Modify Account Head, Manage Voucher Records, Create Trial Balance Report, Get Balance Sheet, Auto Calculation of Profit and Loss

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Mobile Directory Service

Mobile Directory is where you can get the important information like telephone number, email, brief introduction etc. Organizations like association, political parties, student forum, club etc., should have their own directory so that they can communicate with themselves easily. Besides, business organizations who have their wide range of dealers and clients can find the virtual directory useful. We provide directory solution which has all website, App (Android, iOS and Windows) orientation.

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Newsletter Subscription Service

Newsletter subscription is mainly used by the newspaper publishers. The service means that when a user subscribes for any news, he or she will get that type of news either by mail or by apps. This will help both publishers and users. Users can find the appropriate news as per their interest and publishers can post as many news to the accurate readers as possible. We have the solution ready.

View Details View All Service is an online based news portal. It covers all national, international, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, economics, story, gossip and breaking news. has already gained people's trust due to its neutral position in the news publishing sector. We always focus on content and its presentation. Nothing else can influence us.

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Notificamos is the mirror of the market offering to the valued consumers. This is first ever full-fledged offer site in Bangladesh. Before going to market, people want to find something exciting like discount offers, new arrival items, and special offers available in the market! Discount offer is the most delicious sound ever heard by the customers. Consumers always excitedly wait for New Arrival to welcome the new one! Special Offers are presented to loyal customers by the marketers to satisfy them.

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On Demand Service

Software Development

Develop Software as per client's necessity.
User-friendly design.
Free training.
Very low maintenance cost.
Web-based software.
Desktop-based software.
Maintain maximum security protocol.

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Mobile Apps Development

Android, Windows and iOS platform.
Web-based content management platform.
Social Media Integration.
Maintain the highest security.
Keep up business or service relevancy.
Highly responsive.

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Website Development

Provide website as per client's requirement.
Cost effective quotations.
Both static and dynamic website development.
Best user experience.
Provide domain and hosting.

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Graphics, Web & App Designing

Logo, brochure, business card, pad etc
Website template designing
Mobile app design
Video content making

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Machine 2 Software-m2s

There is always a connection between a device and software. For any data analysis, it must be readable. We have the expertise to transform machine data into software. Recently, Japanese companies are coming to Bangladesh to take this kind of service for their household device. Like, they are trying to get machine 2 software applications by which they can control their household devices. Besides, any business organization can talk to us for their attendance device, POS etc.

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